Taylor Swift Had an Eating Disorder. This Is Why It Matters.

Today is the debut of Taylor Swift’s new documentary, Miss Americana on Netflix. In it, she reveals her struggle with an eating disorder for the first time. Admissions like hers aren’t rare in celebrity culture, with new details regarding the inner struggles of American idols emerging every day. But Swift’s is noteworthy for two key … More Taylor Swift Had an Eating Disorder. This Is Why It Matters.

The Truth About Weight and Health

The messages we hear in our culture very much attribute health problems to weight gain. Conversations about chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease are very weight-focused, with weight loss often being the only “lifestyle recommendation” given by healthcare providers to those looking to avoid medications. But weight loss recommendations don’t always translate to improved … More The Truth About Weight and Health

Stress and Weight Gain

I typically define stress as a reaction that happens inside our bodies in response to something happening outside our bodies. That stress trigger could be anything from being chased by a bear, to having a big project at work, to struggling with something particularly worrisome that won’t leave our minds. Whether it’s a physical trigger or a … More Stress and Weight Gain