Fulfilled: Let Go of Shame, Embrace Your Body, and Eat the Food You Love

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Fulfilled explores health through a non-diet lens, encouraging you to respect your body, honor your hunger, and embrace the unique size and shape that God created for you. In the first half, of Fulfilled, you will explore the harm of dieting, the importance of self-care, and God’s design for the role of food in the human life. In the second half, the book offers tangible steps for putting those principles into practice so that you can understand the love of God on an even deeper level, even as it applies to what you eat for dinner.

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After examining the ways dieting harms a person’s physical and spiritual health, Fulfilled lays out a more intuitive framework for eating that emphasizes mindfulness, satisfaction, and surrender. As you learn to embrace your body, you’ll be set free from the fear of losing control. As you grow in your understanding of God’s love for you and your natural shape, you’ll be released from the shame of not conforming to a certain physical type. As you develop your knowledge of intuitive eating, you’ll realize that you can love and eat foods of all types. 

Fulfilled explores the world of dieting from a completely new perspective, uncovering everything from the dangers of yo-yo eating patterns to the reason our culture is so obsessed with weight loss in the first place.

Fulfilled includes chapters such as:

  • Our Deepest Need: Where Diet Culture Gets It Wrong
  • The Root of the Problem: Why Our Culture Is So Obsessed with Dieting
  • Health at Every Size: You Don’t Have to Be Thin to Be Healthy
  • Building a Foundation for Food Freedom: Focus on Adequacy, Variety, and Balance