Fertility Supplements for Egg Health (and Egg Freezing)

TTC is an emotionally charged season. From hormone fluctuations to the desire for a child to the fears and frustrations of unknowns, family planning is anything but easy. It requires enormous investments of time, energy, emotions, and for many, money. With IVF or egg freezing, the number one concern my patients have is how to … More Fertility Supplements for Egg Health (and Egg Freezing)

My Daily Supplement Routine (Prenatal Edition)

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Walmart gummy vitamins. I may or may not have purchased them before purely for snacking purposes (I know this is ill-advisable) but despite their fantastic texture and brilliant flavor, they really don’t do much for a person by way of nutrition. Here’s the main problem: even if … More My Daily Supplement Routine (Prenatal Edition)