Wednesday Thoughts

This week has been super busy for me. (How about you?) I feel like I’m still catching up from the quick weekend trip we took, and I’ve been wrapping up last minute Christmas presents. (We’ve already had one Christmas celebration, and we’ve got quite a few more coming up too.) Things are a little smaller … More Wednesday Thoughts

An easy meal idea: quinoa with spinach, sausage + feta

 I love cooking, but I usually save more involved recipes for dinner time with my fiance. Cooking is something we really love to share (along with our love of really good food) so I don’t usually spend my faculties on fancy lunches. I still strive for satisfying mid-day meals, however, so a haphazard mix of … More An easy meal idea: quinoa with spinach, sausage + feta

Meal Prep

I like to cook meals at home for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it’s healthier. Home cooked meals are way less expensive, don’t need preservatives, they usually taste better, and when I take the time to cook, my meals are balanced, tasty, and filling. When I’m eating on the go, I find myself … More Meal Prep