A Different Approach to PMS

Cramps. Bloating. Moodiness. Water weight. Sleep disturbances. Constipation. Breast tenderness. Hot flashes. Is it menopause, or is it PMS? For this post, I’m talking about PMS…and if you know, you know. Most of the time when we think of PMS—also known as premenstrual syndrome—we think of it as a bad thing, a disease, or something … More A Different Approach to PMS

Basal Body Temperature 101 (How to Track Your Cycle)

The two most common questions I get about women’s health are with regards to contraception and its opposite, getting and staying pregnant. There are so many birth control options out there (with risks/benefits to each) and so many conflicting pieces of advice for women who are trying to become pregnant. Amid that sea of confusion, … More Basal Body Temperature 101 (How to Track Your Cycle)