3 Reasons Exercise Isn’t Healthy

True or false? If you get up and go for a run right now, that would be a healthy thing to do. Let’s say it’s 3 pm on a Saturday, you’re feeling energetic, and it’s a beautiful day. You have a spare 60 minutes to lace up your shoes, take a jog, come home, and … More 3 Reasons Exercise Isn’t Healthy

Yes, You Do Need Carbs

Proponents of low carb diets love to talk about how eating carbs is “bad for you.” Sure…eating too many carbs, just like eating too much of anything, will negatively impact our health. That’s because eating in an unbalanced way creates an extreme metabolic environment, and managing the fallout from those extremes taxes our bodies. But … More Yes, You Do Need Carbs

Hormones 101 (The Great, Big, Web of Connections)

Have you ever wondered why stress can make you miss your period, or why you’re totally exhausted after busy seasons at work? Well, you can thank your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-thyroid-gonadal axis for those things, along with quite a few of the other physiological phenomena we experience in this life. “Okay, okay, hypothalamo-whatta-whatta?“ If that’s what you’re thinking, … More Hormones 101 (The Great, Big, Web of Connections)