The Truth About Weight and Health

The messages we hear in our culture very much attribute health problems to weight gain. Conversations about chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease are very weight-focused, with weight loss often being the only “lifestyle recommendation” given by healthcare providers to those looking to avoid medications. But weight loss recommendations don’t always translate to improved … More The Truth About Weight and Health

Make This Your New Year’s Resolution

What do YOU think you need to do to live happier and healthier? Some health gurus might suggest a nutrition plan, an exercise schedule, stress-reduction techniques, or a myriad of other unilateral perspectives. New Year’s Resolutions are usually focused on health, but more often than not, they’re skewed toward physical health — things like diet … More Make This Your New Year’s Resolution

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Most of my shopping these days takes place on online. Holiday crowds are completely insane, and even grocery shopping sometimes feels overwhelming for my introverted self. If you’re like me in that you prefer to do your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your own home, this post is for you! Holiday Gift Ideas for … More Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Ladies, Let’s Stop Talking About Dieting

A few weeks ago, I participated in a focus group of healthcare professionals for the purpose of designing an awareness campaign for eating disorders. The dialogue got me thinking about the forces underlying food and body obsessions, and what drives them. While the causes of disordered eating are diverse, complex, and multifaceted, one of the … More Ladies, Let’s Stop Talking About Dieting