Fasting Won't Fix Your Relationship With Food

As a Christian in the health/nutrition field, I frequently come across messages that hail scripture as motivation for dieting, disordered eating, and other unhealthy behavior. I’ve written about this topic before, but today I want to focus on fasting in particular. Fasting is a sort of a sticky area because it’s a practice with a … More Fasting Won't Fix Your Relationship With Food

How to Enjoy Summer

Happy first day of summer! As someone who is generally averse to cold weather, this is my all-time favorite season. Chicago has been a bit chillier this June than I’d prefer, but I’m excited for the sunny mornings and warm afternoons that I know are coming. Summer can be a challenging time for some, given … More How to Enjoy Summer

Embrace Your Belly

I spent the majority of my life sucking it in. Not my breath, but my belly. I used to be extremely self conscious about the appearance of my stomach through my shirt, especially when sitting down. If I was wearing jeans and folds of skin would spill over my waistband, I would be mortified, thinking that … More Embrace Your Belly