5 Thoughts

#1. Breakfast is important To me, breakfast is about more than eating. (However, eating is super important, as is this Tex-Mex chorizo + egg bake.) It’s also about the slow process of waking up, getting ready for my day, and setting the intention in my heart for what I will be doing. My morning routine … More 5 Thoughts

An Encouragement for When Things Are Hard

Sometimes in life, the right thing doesn’t always feel like the natural thing to do. On days with overwhelming to-do lists, conflicts, frustrations, or disappointments, it can be easy to choose an attitude of defeat. Feeling defeated is essentially feeding into the idea that because something is hard, it’s not worth doing. It’s giving up, … More An Encouragement for When Things Are Hard

Better Sleep

This year, I’m launching a campaign called #HealthyHabits2019, with weekly newsletters featuring practical health tips following each of the five pillars of health. Click here to sign up, if you haven’t already. (It’s free!) The first few months of the year, we’re focusing on sleep habits, and I wanted to share a little bit about … More Better Sleep