Day in the Life

If you would’ve asked me ten years ago where I thought I’d be now, my answer would’ve described something vastly different than what my current season of life looks like. I was gearing up to go to college, planning to study engineering at Purdue. What did I end up doing? Not that… Looking back, I … More Day in the Life

How to Eat Intuitively When You Don’t Feel Hungry

The humidity this summer has been brutal in Chicago. July and August are always hot around here, but with extra moisture in the air, I feel like I start sweating as soon as I step outside. Along with feeling extra sticky, taking twice as many showers as usual, and cranking the air conditioning, the heat … More How to Eat Intuitively When You Don’t Feel Hungry

How to Enjoy Summer

Happy first day of summer! As someone who is generally averse to cold weather, this is my all-time favorite season. Chicago has been a bit chillier this June than I’d prefer, but I’m excited for the sunny mornings and warm afternoons that I know are coming. Summer can be a challenging time for some, given … More How to Enjoy Summer