Not Anti-Medicine, Pro-Health

What’s wrong with allopathic medicine? This is a huge question that I can’t answer fully in the context of this post, but it’s one that underlies the vast majority of questions I receive about the importance/validity/scientific basis/safety/etc. of a functional medicine approach. In the context of emergencies an acute conditions (such as bacterial infections,) our … More Not Anti-Medicine, Pro-Health

An easy meal idea: quinoa with spinach, sausage + feta

 I love cooking, but I usually save more involved recipes for dinner time with my fiance. Cooking is something we really love to share (along with our love of really good food) so I don’t usually spend my faculties on fancy lunches. I still strive for satisfying mid-day meals, however, so a haphazard mix of … More An easy meal idea: quinoa with spinach, sausage + feta