I used to be so _______________.

Social media has a way of highlighting our collective tendency to compare ourselves to other people. It’s often said that social media is a “highlight reel,” meaning that we end up comparing our regular, standard, everyday lives to the cleanest, prettiest, proudest and most polished moments in somebody else’s. Nobody’s life is perfect. However, comparison … More I used to be so _______________.

3 Ways Dieting Can Cause Hypothyroidism

When I was struggling with chronic dieting and disordered eating, life was a lot less fun than it is today. There were lots of reasons for this—mental, emotional, spiritual, social, physical—many of which I’ve already discussed on this blog. But today, I’m going to touch on some of the physical reasons. Dieting made me physically … More 3 Ways Dieting Can Cause Hypothyroidism