Thinness ≠ Happiness

My eating disorder started out as an effort to be healthy. At the same time, I wanted to be skinny, or at least skinnier. Restricting my diet helped me lose weight (at least initially) under a socially acceptable guise of health. I was eating “clean” because it would help me run faster. Or something. [PSA: … More Thinness ≠ Happiness

6 Non-Diet Tips for a Holistically Healthy Lifestyle

Disordered eating and female health issues go hand-in-hand. That’s another one of the reasons I’m so passionate about integrating intuitive eating and a health-at-every-size perspective into my functional medicine work. Intuitive eating supports the body’s natural ability to self regulate, which is the core foundation for holistic healthcare. For women especially, supporting a foundation for … More 6 Non-Diet Tips for a Holistically Healthy Lifestyle