Whipped Coffee (AKA the most fun I’ve ever had with caffeine)

I saw a picture of whipped coffee on Instagram last Friday, and I immediately put down my phone, went to my kitchen, and tried it out for myself. Now that is the epitome of inspiration! But really, I was SO intrigued! When I first saw the picture, I thought that maybe it was made from … More Whipped Coffee (AKA the most fun I’ve ever had with caffeine)

5 Thoughts

#1. Breakfast is important To me, breakfast is about more than eating. (However, eating is super important, as is this Tex-Mex chorizo + egg bake.) It’s also about the slow process of waking up, getting ready for my day, and setting the intention in my heart for what I will be doing. My morning routine … More 5 Thoughts

Stress and Weight Gain

I typically define stress as a reaction that happens inside our bodies in response to something happening outside our bodies. That stress trigger could be anything from being chased by a bear, to having a big project at work, to struggling with something particularly worrisome that won’t leave our minds. Whether it’s a physical trigger or a … More Stress and Weight Gain