Clothes That Have No Place in Your Closet

Okay, I admit…I’m not a fashionista. But that’s okay, because this post has nothing to do with fashion! Rather, it’s about dressing yourself according to your values. Or, more specifically…it’s about the considerations I take into account when I am dressing myself, to help me live according to my values. My hope in sharing them … More Clothes That Have No Place in Your Closet

Fall Capsule Wardobe

A few months ago, I shared about my experiment with a capsule wardrobe for the spring. I really enjoyed the way that having fewer clothing options simplified my life, helped me feel more confident in my appearance, and allowed me the freedom to get dressed without thinking too much about it. When I put together … More Fall Capsule Wardobe

5 Thoughts

#1. Breakfast is important To me, breakfast is about more than eating. (However, eating is super important, as is this Tex-Mex chorizo + egg bake.) It’s also about the slow process of waking up, getting ready for my day, and setting the intention in my heart for what I will be doing. My morning routine … More 5 Thoughts