I used to be so _______________.

Social media has a way of highlighting our collective tendency to compare ourselves to other people. It’s often said that social media is a “highlight reel,” meaning that we end up comparing our regular, standard, everyday lives to the cleanest, prettiest, proudest and most polished moments in somebody else’s. Nobody’s life is perfect. However, comparison … More I used to be so _______________.

Do the Thing You Don’t Want to Do (a Story About Breakfast)

Historically, breakfast and I have a complicated relationship. In the beginning stages of my eating disorder, I always ate breakfast but I had extremely strict rules about it. The only food I’d allow myself to eat for breakfast was oatmeal, and I was really strict about the amount, the pace I ate it, the temperature … More Do the Thing You Don’t Want to Do (a Story About Breakfast)

Unhealthy Judgment

Contrary to what many people believe, there’s nothing morally wrong with living in a larger body. It simply is not a sin to be overweight. It is, however, a sin to judge someone based off the size and shape of their body. On my blog/social media, I get a lot of questions about gluttony. “Isn’t … More Unhealthy Judgment