Powerful Truth

When I’m driving, I usually am focused on one of two things: where I’m trying to go, or the cars in front of me that never seem to move quickly enough. Either way, my attention is geared towards my desires for the future, about where I hope to be. This definitely stems from impatience in-part, … More Powerful Truth

Some Thoughts On Cravings

A quick google search for the word “cravings” yields almost 250 million results. Scrolling through the feed, the overwhelming majority of links lead to website offering tips and tricks for avoiding, overcoming, and distracting oneself from cravings. I used to search phrases like “how to kill cravings” all the time. I was afraid of hunger, fearing … More Some Thoughts On Cravings

Weight Loss Didn’t Actually Give Me What I Wanted

I used to be obsessed with my body, in a constant pursuit of making it smaller. A huge motivating factor for my eating disorder behaviors was trying to look thinner. Yet, even as I lost weight and followed the extremely strict food and eating rules, I felt increasingly worse. The eating disorder paradox is that the … More Weight Loss Didn’t Actually Give Me What I Wanted