Intuitive Eating Services

Through my intuitive eating services, I focus on supporting women in food and eating struggles, especially with regards to strict food rules, binge eating, exercise compulsions, and feelings of guilt and shame surrounding food.

In our work together, we will focus on empowering you to heal your relationship with food, respect the size and shape of your body, and cultivate freedom with your eating and exercise patterns. Our initial session will involve a discussion of your comprehensive health history, including an assessment of your current relationship with food, exercise, and your body. We will then establish a plan for well-being and self-care to help you move forward towards your goals.

In follow-up sessions, we’ll check in with the goals set in previous sessions and make gentle adjustments to help you continue moving forward. Through our work together, you will be able to have:

  • Freedom to eat without guilt
  • Decreased focus on weight loss
  • Peace with food (no good or bad foods)
  • Reduction/elimination of restrictive eating, thoughts, rules, or behaviors
  • No interest in dieting, fasting, “clean” eating, eliminating food groups, skipping meals
  • Respect for your uniquely created body size and shape
  • Opportunity to fill your thoughts, time, and efforts with a purpose greater than food and exercise

Packages and Pricing

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Insurance Policy: In order to keep the cost of care affordable for clients, I do not currently accept health insurance of any type. However, the prices offered are comparable or less than the copay amounts required by most insurance plans.