Wellness Services

Online wellness services that meet you right where you are.

Learn more about the individualized, 1:1 coaching services with Alexandra. Services offered include intuitive eating and body image coaching, spiritual mentorship, as well as career and business Q&A calls to help you wherever you are along your wellness journey.

Intuitive Eating

Heal from a history of dieting with one-on-one coaching appointments. In our sessions together, we will focus on making peace with food, embracing your body, and learning to enjoy exercise in a non-diet context. Click to learn more…

Faith Counseling

Learn how to approach wellness from a spiritual perspective. Whether you are struggling with disordered eating or simply want support in your walk with Christ, take steps to grow deeper in your faith. Learn more…

Career Coaching

Questions about writing a book, running an online business, turning blogging into a career, or transitioning your private practice to provide functional medicine and/or intuitive eating services? Click to learn more about services…

Stories of Success…

When I started working with Alexandra, I had a really unbalanced approach to food. My eating patterns were really unpredictable, and I felt like I was always either losing too much weight or gaining weight without knowing why. Alexandra helped me learn how to find balance in those areas of my life, especially with enjoying my favorite foods without feeling guilty, and incorporating healthy foods into my diet in a way that feels sustainable. She also advised me about natural ways to manage some of my other health issues, which is something that’s really important to me and my own values. I’m so grateful for her help!

– L. B.

Get started on the path toward healing.