Faith, Food, Freedom Devotional

For many of us, thoughts about food and eating continue long after dinner. In some ways, we are taught as women to be afraid of food, believing it to be far more powerful over our lives than it truly is. We are taught to fear that certain ingredients or meal choices will cause us to lose control or gain weight, consequently leading us to become less valuable, less beautiful, or less able to reach our goals. But these beliefs are not from God — He never condemned dessert! Faith, Food, Freedom explores the Biblical truth that we are free to enjoy eating without having to create unnecessary rules about it. In this 20-day guided study of Galatians, readers are invited to cultivate a new perspective that allows them to savor the gift of good food for the greater purpose of bringing glory to God!

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Delivered From Dieting

Delivered from Dieting helps readers understand that dieting distracts them from their calling to spread the love of God in the world, and subsequently offers a tangible framework for overcoming such food fixations that is rooted in both science and scripture.

Delivered From Dieting is currently in the process of publication through Fortress Press and is expected to be released in spring of 2021.