Better Exercise

Exercise is important for everyone. Exercise is still exercise, even if we aren’t professional athletes, training for a competition, following a formal regimen, or participating in a group activity such as a cycling class, pick-up basketball game, or yoga conference. Exercise can — and should — include walking, stretching, and focused breathing. Especially in today’s … More Better Exercise

Not Anti-Medicine, Pro-Health

What’s wrong with allopathic medicine? This is a huge question that I can’t answer fully in the context of this post, but it’s one that underlies the vast majority of questions I receive about the importance/validity/scientific basis/safety/etc. of a functional medicine approach. In the context of emergencies an acute conditions (such as bacterial infections,) our … More Not Anti-Medicine, Pro-Health

An easy meal idea: quinoa with spinach, sausage + feta

 I love cooking, but I usually save more involved recipes for dinner time with my fiance. Cooking is something we really love to share (along with our love of really good food) so I don’t usually spend my faculties on fancy lunches. I still strive for satisfying mid-day meals, however, so a haphazard mix of … More An easy meal idea: quinoa with spinach, sausage + feta

Better Sleep

This year, I’m launching a campaign called #HealthyHabits2019, with weekly newsletters featuring practical health tips following each of the five pillars of health. Click here to sign up, if you haven’t already. (It’s free!) The first few months of the year, we’re focusing on sleep habits, and I wanted to share a little bit about … More Better Sleep