Hungry Days

When I first really “got the hang of” intuitive eating—so to speak—I was enormously relieved by the fact that my eating became very stable and predictable. In my previous dieting days, eating was a huge source of stress for me because I was constantly afraid that I’d lose control around food. I had preconceived notions … More Hungry Days

Yes, You Do Need Carbs

Proponents of low carb diets love to talk about how eating carbs is “bad for you.” Sure…eating too many carbs, just like eating too much of anything, will negatively impact our health. That’s because eating in an unbalanced way creates an extreme metabolic environment, and managing the fallout from those extremes taxes our bodies. But … More Yes, You Do Need Carbs

How to Enjoy Your Weekend (without starting a new diet on Monday)

I love going away for the weekend. One of my favorite activities to share with my husband is exploring new places, eating at restaurants, and trying new things. I have an adventurous spirit, especially when it comes to food, and I think it’s so fun to try out new restaurants and dishes. But that wasn’t … More How to Enjoy Your Weekend (without starting a new diet on Monday)