If Thin Isn’t the Most Important Thing, What Is?

I spend a lot of time talking with my friends and family about the futility in pursuing a thinner body. Most of them recognize this fact, but the biggest struggle is not admitting truth but in living it out. Even though many of us agree wholeheartedly that there’s more to life than achieving the “perfect … More If Thin Isn’t the Most Important Thing, What Is?

Unhelpful Comments

In casual conversation, I hear a lot of stories about other people making unsolicited comments about their weight, whether well-intending or not. These could include things like:”You look good!” or “You look so much better!” or “How’ve things been going? You look different!” The same is true in times of struggle, whether a person gains … More Unhelpful Comments

Embrace Your Belly

I spent the majority of my life sucking it in. Not my breath, but my belly. I used to be extremely self conscious about the appearance of my stomach through my shirt, especially when sitting down. If I was wearing jeans and folds of skin would spill over my waistband, I would be mortified, thinking that … More Embrace Your Belly