If you’re like most women, you’ve been on a diet at some point in your life. It might’ve been for weight loss or it might have been to feel healthier, but regardless of the reasoning, the diet failed you.

No, you didn’t fail the diet.

See, research has proven that dieting isn’t effective either for losing weight or improving health. Most dieters regain the weight, and have a higher risk of chronic disease because of their dieting. Dieting also requires an enormous amount of time, energy and focus — all so women can feel even lousier than when they started. Yuck! Sister, that’s not the life of abundance and freedom that God wanted for you. I believe that he is calling you to a purpose far greater than a smaller pant size. But in order to get there, you’ve got to ditch dieting. Period.

Hi, I’m Alexandra.

Like so many other women, I’ve struggled with dieting, felt ashamed of my body, and become frustrated by the endless cycle of “eating clean” and exercising. Every time I started a new diet, it was only a matter of days before my efforts ended with a giant binge (and a hefty side dish of guilt.)

When I was in college, I realized that my erratic eating patterns were making me really sick. I needed to change, but I didn’t know how. Every diet I’d tried pushed me further and further away from my goal of enjoying food and my body as God intended. I finally came to the point where I no longer believed that being careful about measuring my food, counting calories, or avoiding certain ingredients was going to help me live the life I wanted. So, I gave it all up. I decided to quit dieting, and I’ve never looked back.

Amazingly, giving up dieting gave me the freedom I craved to not only enjoy my favorite foods with regularity, but I also stopped feeling compelled to overeat them. Giving myself permission was the key to balance, and over the course of a couple years, I learned how to eat according to my body’s signals. It required diligence and practice, but today I effortlessly maintain my weight, have a perfect bill of health, and enjoy all the foods I crave, whenever I want them!

In talking with other women, I’ve learned that being able to eat with freedom isn’t a common experience. This needs to change.

I believe that food is a good gift from God — after all, He created it! Because of this, we are supposed to enjoy it, not become frustrated, distraught, and afraid of it! If you can relate to this unbalanced relationship with food, I feel for you. The struggle with eating is overwhelming and totally consuming, and I’ve been there, too. But there’s hope — you don’t need to struggle alone. I can help you!

As a nutrition coach, I work with women not only on what they’re eating, but why. Together, my clients and I get to the bottom of their eating struggles and rebuild a food foundation that’s characterized by freedom — an idea that’s backed by both science and scripture. After working with me, my clients are able to:

  • enjoy their favorite foods without feeling compelled to binge
  • choose a variety of nutritious and delicious meals and snacks, whether at home or on vacation
  • embrace the unique sizes and shapes of their bodies
  • exercise in ways that feel good, without strict rules or overwhelming workout plans

If you’re tired of yo-yo dieting and want to cultivate a life that’s free from food rules, guilt, and shame around eating, you’re in the right place! I encourage you to browse through my posts, download my free Healthy Habits e-Book, or schedule an appointment. Today is a perfect day to start transforming your relationship with food!

My Background

I was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, and while I find the scenery to be lacking at times, Illinois is my home. Even without oceans and mountains, there’s plenty of fun to be had outside! My favorite pastimes include hiking, visiting breweries, and exploring new cuisine with my handsome husband. We hope to have a dog and kids of our own one day, but for now we’re content to borrow them from our siblings.

As much as I love eating, I also love cooking, talking about food, thinking about food, and daydreaming about food. So, it only makes sense that I write a blog about these topics, mostly to spare my friends and family from my food-related monologues. (They don’t seem to mind taste-testing recipes, however!)

As I mentioned above, I haven’t always had a positive relationship with food. But once I experienced the grace of healing in that area, I committed myself to helping other women do the same. I’ve been coaching women through the process of intuitive eating since 2016. In addition to clinical practice, I write about my experiences with faith, food, and health here on my blog. My work has also appeared on both Christian and Nutrition blogs such as RELEVANT Magazine, (in)courage and Naughty Nutrition, as well as language and scientific journals such as Claritas Journal of Language and Culture and The Purdue Journal of Undergraduate Research.

As a Christian, scientist, and primary healthcare provider, I am passionate about helping women cultivate lifestyle behaviors that honor both God and their bodies through a non-diet approach to nutrition. I earned a bachelor’s degree in food science at Purdue University in Lafayette, IN where I also completed graduate coursework in public health and clinical nutrition. I then returned to Chicago to pursue a doctoral degree in natural medicine at National University of Health Sciences, and will graduate in 2020.

Beyond my interest in nutrition and medicine, my greatest love is God. I am as committed to my faith as I am to studying science, and I seek to unite these two areas of my life in every way possible by caring for others at the intersection of food and faith. My hope in writing is that you will be encouraged and empowered to live the fullest life for which you were created!


Alexandra Mackillop

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