Hello and welcome! I’m Alexandra, a food scientist, intuitive eater, and naturally-minded medical student. I’m passionate about finding new ways to simplify my life so I have more time and energy for what really matters.

I’m currently in the clinical phase of my education, so I spend most of my time treating patients at an integrative clinic near Chicago. It’s both challenging and demanding, but I am so grateful that I love what I do! I also enjoy cooking, organizing, and hanging out with my family in my free time. Along with my blog, I’ve written and published two devotionals: Healthy, Happy, Whole and Faith, Food, Freedom which are available on Amazon.

On my blog, you’ll find posts about:

  • Intuitive eating and healing your relationship with your body
  • Holistic health, natural medicine, and cultivating well-being
  • Simple living through a faith focused lens
  • Other topics on occasion, too!

My work has also appeared on both Christian and Nutrition blogs such as RELEVANT Magazine, (in)courage and Naughty Nutrition, as well as language and scientific journals such as Claritas Journal of Language and Culture and The Purdue Journal of Undergraduate Research.

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Beyond my interest in nutrition and medicine, my greatest love is God. I am as committed to my faith as I am to studying science, and I seek to unite these two areas of my life in every way possible. My hope in writing is that you will be encouraged and empowered to live the fullest life for which you were created!

*Note: “Nutra-Intuition” used to be the name of my blog, and you may come across this term on my site.


Alexandra Mackillop

email: alexandracmackillop [at] gmail [dot] com