My Favorite Intuitive Eating Books

A few months ago, I wrote a post titled “How to Talk to Others About Your Non-Diet Philosophy.” This post was spurred on mostly because of some comments and messages I’d received on social media about how to communicate with others about the fact that you are a) trying to learn how to heal your relationship with food, b) not interested in talking about diets anymore, and c) so excited about the freedom you’re experiencing as a non-dieter that you want to share it with others.

One thing that I didn’t include in that post was the tip to share your beliefs with others without actually saying anything. I don’t mean telepathy or writing a letter, but by sharing a book that does a GREAT JOB of explaining the non-diet life, with all of its nuances and details. Since Christmas is coming up, this is the perfect time to buy a book for those in your life who are curious or who you think could benefit from information about a non-diet life.

My own book, Fulfilled, doesn’t come out until March, but it’s available for pre-order now. As you’re waiting for the release date (I’m counting down the minutes) check out some of these other resources for your own personal growth or to share with others.

Books for Your Non-Diet Christmas List (Or Black Friday Shopping Spree):

[Click the book cover for a link to purchase.]

When it was first published, Intuitive Eating was revolutionary in its anti-dieting approach. The authors, both prominent health professionals in the field of nutrition and eating disorders, urge readers to embrace the goal of developing body positivity and reconnecting with one’s internal wisdom about eating―to unlearn everything they were taught about calorie-counting and other aspects of diet culture and to learn about the harm of weight stigma.

Have you tried fad diet after fad diet, only to gain weight back? Maybe you’ve tried the protein diet only to move on to vegetables only? Raw almonds and coconut water every forty-five minutes instead of big meals? Or perhaps you’ve tried counting calories, but the numbers on the scale still don’t add up. If you are ready to throw in your hat and give up on dieting for good, take heart. You can enjoy food again—you just need to pay attention to your body’s natural hunger cues. Based on the authors’ best-selling book, Intuitive Eating, this workbook can show you how.

For many of us, thoughts about food and eating continue long after dinner. In some ways, we are taught as women to be afraid of food, believing it to be far more powerful over our lives than it truly is. We are taught to fear that certain ingredients or meal choices will cause us to lose control or gain weight, consequently leading us to become less valuable, less beautiful, or less able to reach our goals. But these beliefs are not from God — He never condemned dessert! 

Are you burnt out on striving for perfection with eating, exercising and managing your body? You’re not alone. We live in a wellness obsessed culture that ties our worth to the size of our bodies and places our value in our ability to eat “clean” and exercise religiously. It’s not working for us. Registered dietitian, and recovering perfectionist Aubrey Golbek explores how the radical truth of grace transforms everything from the way we view ourselves, to how we eat, and move our bodies.

Create a healthier and happier life by treating yourself with compassion rather than shame. Imagine a graph with two lines. One indicates happiness, the other tracks how you feel about your body. If you’re like millions of people, the lines do not intersect. But what if they did? This practical, inspirational, and visually lively book shows you the way to a sense of well-being attained by understanding how to love, connect, and care for yourself—and that includes your mind as well as your body.

What do YOU think you need to do to live happier and healthier? Some advisers might suggest a nutrition plan, an exercise schedule, stress-reduction techniques, or a myriad of other unilateral perspectives. But wellness involves more than just food, just fitness, or just mental health. Our lives are complex, and our ability to thrive is dependent on all aspects of our personhood. In other words, to improve our lives we need a holistic, whole-person approach. This plan offers exactly that.

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