What Does Food Have to Do With Faith?

Diet buzz words show up everywhere, even the church. Today I’m sharing a video where I talk about the intersection between food and faith in the Christian context.

In the video, I reference my devotional bible study, Faith, Food, Freedom. Follow along with your own copy on page 18. If you don’t have one, download the Kindle version here.

Faith, Food, Freedom: Exploring Eating Through a Biblical Lens

Faith, Food, Freedom explores the Biblical truth that we are free to enjoy eating without having to create unnecessary rules about it. In this 20-day guided study of Galatians, readers are invited to cultivate a new perspective that allows them to savor the gift of good food for the greater purpose of bringing glory to God!


2 thoughts on “What Does Food Have to Do With Faith?

  1. This is such an insightful video! Thank you for sharing your heart and for bringing biblical wisdom into the way we treat food and our body. Also, congrats on your book!! That’s so awesome.


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