Make This Your New Year’s Resolution

What do YOU think you need to do to live happier and healthier?

Some health gurus might suggest a nutrition plan, an exercise schedule, stress-reduction techniques, or a myriad of other unilateral perspectives.

New Year’s Resolutions are usually focused on health, but more often than not, they’re skewed toward physical health — things like diet and exercise.

But wellness involves more than just food, just fitness, or just mental health. Our lives are complex, and our ability to thrive is dependent on all aspects of our personhood. In other words, to improve our lives we need a holistic, whole-person approach, and this plan offers exactly that.

Healthy, Happy, Whole is a thirty-day plan for creating balance in all areas of life, from physical health to emotional well-being, to spiritual satisfaction. Each day, readers will be invited to explore science-based techniques for improving health without dieting and ideas for balancing emotional well-being through tangible, practical steps. A daily devotional is also included, to provide spiritual encouragement in cultivating a healthy, happy, wholesome lifestyle.

You can order your copy today on as a paperback or eBook version — and if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, it’s completely free!