Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Most of my shopping these days takes place on online. Holiday crowds are completely insane, and even grocery shopping sometimes feels overwhelming for my introverted self.

If you’re like me in that you prefer to do your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your own home, this post is for you!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Health-Conscious Friends

Gaiam Yoga Mats

I’ve only ever owned Gaiam yoga mats, and it’s because they’re affordable, beautiful, comfortable, clean. They’re free of toxic plastic additives, come with a lifetime guarantee, and when you purchase them on Amazon, you also receive a free yoga video download.

I personally prefer in-person yoga classes (especially hot yoga) but due to convenience, sometimes my own living room is the most practical place to lay out and stretch. Whether you or your loved one has a yoga practice, a meditation practice, or just needs something to lay on the floor during gym calisthenics, a Gaiam Yoga Mat is the perfect gift!

Bubba Tumbler

A few months ago, I shared about how much I love my Bubba Tumbler. These cups have the same incredible temperature control as Yeti products but for less than a quarter of the price. They also are an excellent alternative to plastic water bottles, and are much sturdier than glass. (I’ve learned from experience on that one…) Drinking enough water is hard to do without a good water bottle, and Bubba is my go-to. According to the Amazon reviews, it’s the favorite of mote than 1,600 other people, too.

Happy, Healthy, Whole (Book)

Especially around the holidays, new diet plans abound. Instead of more rules and restrictions, this 30-day plan helps readers cultivate non-diet, gentle health habits that are sustainable, empowering, and geared towards a lifestyle of holistic well-being. Each day, readers will be invited to explore science-based techniques for improving physical health as well as ideas for balancing emotional well-being through tangible, practical steps. A daily devotional is also included to provide spiritual encouragement in cultivating a healthy, happy, wholesome lifestyle. Order a copy for you and each of your friends.

Foam Roll (36″)

Posture is an often overlooked area of health. With back pain being one of the primary complaints among adults leading to pain-killer prescriptions, being proactive is essential in preventing injury during work, exercise and play. This method for improving posture and core stability is my favorite way to use my own foam roller, which is an awesome way to relieve stress after a long day while at the same time offering physical support.


My husband and I use our Snapware every day. Microwaving plastic isn’t a a healthy or safe practice, so we decided a few years ago to switch to glass storage containers. Not only are they oven-safe (which is amazing for freezer meal convenience) but they are the perfect way to store leftovers, re-heat them safely for lunch the next day, and then wash in the dishwasher with all our other dishes. Since they’re glass, there’s no risk of warping or leeching harmful chemicals, and since they’re made with Pyrex technology, there’s a very low risk of cracking or shattering. We store everything from hot soups to cold salads, and use them for our meal prep every week.

What are your other ideas for health-forward Christmas gifts?