A Fun Way to Decorate Your House for Christmas

My husband and I live in a pretty small apartment, so storage space is limited. That means fewer holiday decor items can be stowed away in between their annual appearances. Aside from a few key items like our Charlie Brown Christmas tree (pictured below), lights, and our stockings, we don’t have many permanent Christmas items.

However, I love Christmas decorations. The festive, fun spirit they bring (along with peppermint stick ice cream) help keep me jolly when the skies are cloudy and gray. So, this year I decided not to let our lack of stuff get in the way of a jolly, cozy, Christmas home.

Our decorations this year took no time at all to assemble. A few years ago my friend taught me how to wrap up the paintings on the wall to look like Christmas gifts. I keep the backs unwrapped by taping just around the edges to save paper, but some frames just make more sense to wrap all the way around. The best part is that hanging them back up is a cinch — the nails in the walls just pop right through the paper.

I’m still amazed how our whole house is transformed! It was the easiest thing ever! The picture quality isn’t the greatest, but the walls look really festive and fun! I’m pretty pleased.

What’s your favorite way to decorate for Christmas?