Who I’m Writing For

Having a blog, a book, or another writing platform is vulnerable.

It’s putting out creativity in exchange for criticism. It’s sharing opinions and inviting conflict. It’s opening ourselves up while knowing fully the risk that others might be doing everything they can to shut. it. down.

But we do it anyway.

In writing, or creating anything for that matter, it’s impossible to please everybody. There will always be critics, those who condemn, and those who outright hate. But that’s not a reason to not do it.

My last post was a more controversial one. Some of you agreed, some of you disagreed. That’s okay.

I’m mostly writing for those of you who agree with me already, and are looking for encouragement during the times when doing the next right thing feels more difficult than usual.

I’m not necessarily writing to change anyone’s mind. I’m not writing for the sheer purpose of inspiring argument. I’m not even necessarily looking for agreement. I’m just sharing what I know, what I have found to be true, and what I personally am striving towards.

Why are you writing?