A Fun Reason to Bake Cookies

A few weeks ago, I made an appointment with a nearby auto repair company to get new tires for my car. We were going to take a road trip, and I wanted to make sure my car was safe for travel. Incidentally, I also had a crack in my windshield and needed that replaced. (Thanks, Midwest hail storms…)

I’m pretty clueless when it comes to cars, and my husband usually handles all the automotive stuff in our family. However, I had the day off and he didn’t, and we needed it done. So I bit the bullet and took it into the shop. I stumbled through the whole “What can I do for you?” question: (“I need tires. No, I don’t know what kind. And a windshield. Do you even repair windshields at this tire place? Also, I have this coupon. Can you help me?“) and finally turned over my keys after half an hour of jumbled words. It was all pretty embarrassing, but I survived.

Anyway, the mechanic that was helping me was awesome: super patient, explained everything I needed to do, and helped me choose tires that were on sale without being cheap-o. Then, since the windshield contractor would take at least 4 hours to arrive, he told me he’d take my Uber cost off the final bill if I needed to go home for the day. Praise.

So, I went home, and baked cookies for the guys at the shop.

While it felt a little silly to bake cookies for a group of people I didn’t know (think 1950’s housewife) in today’s day and age, I did it anyway. They were so helpful, and I really appreciated it. Plus, I like to bake and most people I know like to eat. It seemed like a good choice, and they were grateful when I gave them the chocolate chippers along with my credit card when it came time to pay.

Baking cookies for the mechanic down the road was probably one of the weirdest reasons I’ve baked — but maybe not as weird as the Jalapeño Cheddar “Cake” I baked for my friend’s birthday.

What’s the weirdest reason you’ve made cookies?

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