A Day of Really Good Food


I’ve been really into toast and yogurt for breakfast lately, and this morning I had both! This is Chobani Vanilla Greek yogurt with blueberries + sesame Ezekiel toast with Dark Chocolatey Dreams peanut butter. If you’ve never had flavors from PB&Co, I highly recommend you change that. Stat.


Lunch included some chicken and pretzels along with this Greek-inspired salad. It was probably the most basic salad ever, but it was super delicious: Cucumber, tomato, red onion, fresh basil from our garden, Feta, olive oil, salt + pepper. It was also really pretty, so I took a picture of the meal prep.


This picture isn’t quite as photogenic, but it was SO. FREAKING. DELICIOUS. For our wedding, my husband and I received a Sous Vide as a gift. If you’re not familiar, it’s essentially a submersion method of cooking that uses an electric wand to keep the water temperature really steady. Then, it’s low and slow for hours. This pork roast had to marinade for 16 hours and then hang out in the sous vide for 12. It was worth the wait though! Served with rice and green onions and some unpictured sesame broccoli.


For me, no summer day is complete without ice cream. My favorite flavor lately has been Extreme Moose Tracks from Purple Cow. Their chocolate cups are filled with truffle filling rather than the standard peanut butter. While I love me some Reese’s, these truffle cups are incomparable. This flavor ice cream has been my go-to snack and dessert the past few months.

Which dishes have you been loving lately?


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