Exciting News – Devotional Coming Soon!

For many of us, thoughts about food and eating continue long after dinner. In some ways, we are taught as women to be afraid of food, believing it to be far more powerful over our lives than it truly is. We are taught to fear that certain ingredients or meal choices will cause us to lose control or gain weight, consequently leading us to become less valuable, less beautiful, or less able to reach our goals. But these beliefs are not from God — He never condemned dessert!

Most of the women I work with had no idea that God’s will for their lives never included dieting. We are told time after time that in order to steward our health well, we must be meticulous about counting, measuring, and calculating every morsel we put in our mouths. But in the Bible, we read that our freedom in Christ is for the purpose of moving past petty details for bigger purposes — purposes that are way more significant than “losing the last 5 pounds.”

Faith, Food, Freedom is a 20-day guided study of the book of Galatians, exploring the high calling of Christian freedom and how today’s diet-obsessed culture gets in the way of us living it out.

The devotional will be available in both print and Kindle versions. Stay tuned for information about pre-order, exclusively on Amazon!


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