5 Thoughts

#1. Breakfast is important

To me, breakfast is about more than eating. (However, eating is super important, as is this Tex-Mex chorizo + egg bake.) It’s also about the slow process of waking up, getting ready for my day, and setting the intention in my heart for what I will be doing. My morning routine involves making my bed, getting dressed, eating breakfast, reading my bible, and praying.

What do you include in your morning routine?

#2. Praying through my day

I heard a sermon recently where the pastor encouraged us to pray about every step of the day — everything we have planned/scheduled. That really inspired me. My prayer life is in constant need of work, and I’m constantly looking for effective ways to grow closer to God. I like the idea of linking together prayer with certain times of day because those scheduled things will always be there, and if I build prayer into those habits then prayer will always be there, too.

Do you include prayer in your day? What works for you to keep the habit going?

#3. Shoes…shoes…shoes…

I’m working on putting together a new capsule wardrobe for the fall, and I am trying to find the perfect pair of black shoes. They have to be comfortable because I’m on my feet all day walking around the clinic, and I’d prefer them to be stylish, too. The left pair I got on clearance at Meijer. They’re Dr. Scholls and while they’re a little old-man-ish in my opinion, they’re insanely comfortable. The right pair I ordered online from Sketchers. I have the brown leather version which I like, but they don’t hug my feet as much as I’d prefer. I’m stuck on which pair to return and which pair to keep. I totally realize that in 3 months I won’t care what the heck my feet will look like because I’ll be used to whichever pair of shoes I ultimately choose, but right now it feels really important.

#4. Home

College was a really challenging time for me because things were constantly changing. I moved out of the dorm after freshman year, and moved into a different apartment every year thereafter. I also returned home for summers, and it was a lot of moving. I moved a total of 5 times throughout graduate school, and now that things have settled down, I can see how stressful all that moving was. I’m a creature of habit, and I like having a safe space where I feel at home.

Getting married was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced in life, because along with getting to see my favorite person every day, he also helps me feel supported and stable. I am confident in his love for me, and together we have cultivated our own home, which feels like a joyful, comfortable, safe place. I love studying at home, working at home, being bored at home, having fun at home…I just love my home and I’m so grateful I have one now.

#5. Space is cool…

A few weeks ago, my husband noticed a really bright star next to the moon (left), and threw out the idea that maybe it was a planet. His cousin had shown us a really cool app called Night Sky (right) a few summers ago, and we downloaded it to check out what was going on ‘upstairs.’ It turns out that Jupiter had come by for a visit! All you have to do is point your camera towards the sky and it shows you the name of each star (or planet) at any given time. You can even shine it towards the ground and it shows you the stars that folks on the other side of the world can see (including the sun.)

I don’t always take the time to slow down and appreciate the beautiful things around me, and I wish I did that more. The night sky is a crazy cool place, and I’m still completely amazed that I could actually see Jupiter with my own eyes. As a kid, we learned about the planets and such in school, but as I grew up I kind of stopped being interested in the simple things that used to fascinate me. I miss that, and I’m going to try to focus on being more curious about the world.

Do you like space? What types of things pique your curiosity?


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