30 Things to Do This Month Instead of Whole 30

I shared these ideas on instagram a few weeks ago, and I was excited about how well the post was received. So, I wanted to share it on my blog, too. See, there isn’t anything wrong with eating according to Whole 30, per se — in fact, I spend a lot of time talking with clients about how eating is totally not a moral thing, and the how the foods we choose in no way define usHowever, in the vast majority of cases, the underlying influence in someone starting a new diet is shame. That’s a problem.

My hope is to offer another voice amid all the societal pressures we face to look, eat, or exercise a certain way. Really, I’ve found that what helps people to take the best care of themselves and truly maintain well-being is by not dieting at all.

So, given that so many blogs are dedicated to following the Whole 30 diet plan, I wanted to have a blog post dedicated to sharing other options because, well, you don’t need to do Whole 30 to be healthyPeriod.

Oh, and P.S. — yes, Whole 30 is a diet. If it looks like a diet and acts like a diet…it’s probably a diet.


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